Is It Time for You to Consider A Remote Expert Solution for Your Team?

Jan 30, 2019

Remote Expert guidance is the ability to connect with virtual specialists immediately by sharing live video, audio, telestration and augmented content.

Organizations integrate this solution using a mix of the following:

  1. Wearable technology such as industrial grade wearables, smart glasses, and more
  2. Smartphones and tablets
  3. Computers

Enterprises deploy this capability for many reasons such as improving first-time-fix rates or enabling higher value service offers to drive up revenue. For many enterprises, this live collaboration involves capturing data such as recordings and images for an improved audit trail or future training.

Here are a few examples of organizations deploying this solutions:

  1. Gulfstream Aerospace: The Future Is Now with Video-based Remote Inspection
  2. Barloworld Equipment: Barloworld Equipment invests in remote expert solutions
  3. Safran Helicopters: Safran successfully deploys remote expert solution and creates innovative value added service for customers.

With organizations investing in their digital transformation strategies remote expertise is a common stepping stone used to kickstart these digital initiatives. Is it time for you to consider a remote expert solution for your team?

Download our simple  Checklist  to quickly assess if your team is ready for a remote expert solution.


Check out our industry guide on remote expert solutions to help you:

  • navigate vendors
  • build a successful business case
  • and more.

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