Hardware Partners

The Onsight OptimizedTM program certifies specific mobile devices and wearables to work seamlessly with Librestream’s Onsight AR platform. Optimized devices are thoroughly tested, to ensure compatibility with all features and capabilities. In some cases, specific modifications are made, enabling advanced features that take advantage of unique hardware and software combination. Librestream and its optimized hardware partners perform ongoing testing, roadmap alignment, and cross-train their support and sales teams on the joint solution.

Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem Partners implement a streamlined digital transformation strategy by integrating Onsight to back-office systems, IoT data sources, and content repositories for cohesive end-to-end system visibility, metadata augmentation, and enhanced business intelligence. 

The Onsight REST APIs provide integration across your digital ecosystem. Simply start a Connect call or initiate a Flow job from your ERP or CRM system. As part of your workflow, access IoT data in the field and automatically tag content with relevant metadata for advanced search and analysis. 

Reseller Partners

Librestream’s resellers play an integral role in supporting our overall product strategy to deliver the Onsight Platform to our global customers. Spanning an array of industries, including manufacturing, energy, utilities, test and inspection, transportation, and many others, Librestream resellers go through a stringent vetting process, and are trained to handle sales and technical support. With a global presence across four continents, our resellers are able to support you locally. 

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