Onsight Connect, the most widely-deployed industrial remote expert solution

The leading augmented reality remote expert solution, Onsight Connect, delivers a fully-collaborative environment to rapidly troubleshoot, inspect, and resolve issues in the field.

With advanced artificial intelligence and IoT visualization, Onsight effectively distributes knowledge and empowers decision making with capabilities such as live translation, object recognition, and sensor data integration.


A colleague, supplier, or customer may be on the other side of the world, but remote experts can perform inspections, audits, diagnostics, training and more, right from their office.

Teams can share audio and video, bridge language barriers with live translation, circle and mark areas that need attention, adjust lighting, and record or capture still images to develop and maintain a lasting knowledge base. Designed for collaboration in various field environments, Onsight performs in ultra-low bandwidth situations with a minimum requirement of 30 kbps and includes an offline mode when there is no bandwidth available.

Key Product Capabilities

  • Stream video and share high quality images in environments with bandwidth as low as 30 kbps
  • Collaborate with advanced augmented reality tools such as onscreen text and telestration
  • Use AI object character recognition to identify the content of digital images and extract text, objects, and other identifying markers
  • Bridge language barriers with Onsight translator
  • Visualize relevant data in the field from IoT platforms
  • Invite third party vendors, customers or contactors with guest invites
  • Engage with multiple participants on a call
  • Compatible with enterprise wearables, smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Remotely control zoom, lighting and camera of the device in the field
  • Record sessions to upload to a knowledge base
  • Integrate with back-office systems for a streamlined experience
  • Create custom compliance messages when a user logs in or starts a recording

Product Highlights

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